What People Are Saying About Always Eat Dessert by Mary Lou Reid…

[Always Eat Dessert] is the book you need to read after you have lost weight, and you need to refer to it for the rest of your life…. Mary Lou talks about portion control rather than calorie counting. She talks about how she lost weight, and how she maintains her weight by eating dessert daily; it can be done….

Joyce Berenson, RD, CDE

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Educator

….An additional benefit of a regular exercise routine is that it gives you time to focus mentally on other things, which will help lower your stress levels. This is a connection Mary Lou makes throughout her book in several ways….So go ahead and give it a shot; the only thing you have to lose is some weight.

Bert Johnson and Jeanne Vlazny

Marathon Training Coaches

As a fashion stylist, I find this book easy to read and compelling…. You will feel great on the inside because you look fabulous on the outside.

Candy DeLapp

Independent Fashion Stylist

I love the common-sense, conversational tone of this book. It is full of practical steps anyone can implement to change the way they deal with food, exercise, and the stress levels in their lives. Mary Lou tells the truth and understands the real challenges those of us who struggle with weight every day. She offers down-to-earth ways to change habits over time, versus taking shortcuts that are likely to end in frustration. It is also very interesting to hear about what life is really like in a convent…. I heartily recommend this book to anyone who wants to get control of their eating habits for the long term.

Susan Blais

Executive Leadership Coach & Achievement Strategist

This morning, I finished reading your book, Always Eat Dessert. I LOVED IT! Once I started it, I could not put it down until the end!  What a treasure!  It is so descriptive, engaging and wise from the start and it never lets up.

Ann Harrington, BVM

I believe that this book espouses extremely valid principles and ways that one can lose weight and keep it off. What Mary Lou Reid states is nothing new but the way she states it and how she puts it together make extremely good clinical sense….

Richard S. Klein, Ph.D.

Licensed psychologist who has a specialty in treating obsessive-compulsive disorders which often relate to weight problems and over-eating.

Mary Lou’s thoughts on dining in restaurants are spot on. You don’t have to throw away all of your hard work and restraint just because you are going out to eat.

Bill Rodgers

Executive Chef, Keens Steakhouse, NYC

What I found interesting from the beginning of your project is how consistently your point of view in print is like you’re talking to the reader in person.  Your presence comes through your words.  That’s unique even in nonfiction.

Mary Alma Sullivan, BVM

Assistant Professor of Communication. . . . .Courses in Motion Picture Studies, Creative Writing. . . . .

….Mary Lou invites us to love ourselves so that we can love others. We can do this by being mindful in the present moment….

Sister Mary Jean Ferry, BVM

Spiritual Director

As a friend certain of the wisdom and inspiration offered by Always Eat Dessert…, I wanted to tell you that your book wrought a personal miracle in me….I shall not give up! Further, I am rereading the book to better implement your tips for creating new habits.

Your observations and advice are eminently credible: the overweight will recognize that you understand from experience many of the pitfalls and discriminations that they face….Your writing is, after all and foremost, an act of helping.

Cathy Campbell